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Welcome to Borah 1965!

2020 REUNION !

Our Journey of Fellowship as Classmates, Must Go On!

Last update: January 18, 2020


Save The Date!

Dear Classmates,

Hi All, We made the deposit today for the 55th reunion on September 11, 2020. We're planning on that Friday night to be held at the Barber Park Event Center (which is where we all used to put into the river for floating). We are still working on the other events to go with this for that weekend (probably Friday & Saturday). Details will follow. We do have an class email: should you have questions, comments, locations of missing. Please save the date and let us know if you are hoping/planning to attend. As soon as I become more adept at MailChimp and get definite plans, we'll send out some more info. Looking forward to seeing you in September. ??

Mail to: Charlene Ripke
2080 Table Rock Rd
Boise, ID 83702

Email questions to:

Post Reunion, Committee Letter

It doesn’t seem like it was fifty years ago that we graduated from Borah High School. Amazing!  We on the Reunion Committee thank you for the success we had in our 50 year reunion event.

We are going to take a break until a meeting that will convene sometime in October. We will bring forth future plans through this website at that time.

If you have contact information for anyone from the Borah class of 1965 (email, address, and/or phone number) not listed on this website, please send it to us so that we can contact them.  Any information or questions can be sent to:
Charlene Boldt Ripke:

Patty Northrop Toney:

Phil Hansen:

Keep Phil Hansen fed with content for the website.

We look forward to keeping our unique fellowship as classmates alive.

Borah Class of 1965 Reunion Committee


The Sharing of Contact Information. This Is Important Going Forward!

Our classmate databases will maintain a confidential status. All classmates are encouraged to maintain their contact information on facebook or on their classmate pages as they see fit. That is the first place to check for contact information. If you do not find it there, try any other means available to you. As a last resort, you can contact one of the three listed above. They will contact the classmate and provide your information and they in turn will contact you back per their desire. If they do not want their information shared, we will let you know that.


This sites journey for six years has always been about getting content. Going forward, you are the content providers. The Reunion provided a ton of content, but classmates must keep providing more. It is going to take a few weeks to get pictures on here. Your pictures taken are needed. Email Phil Hansen often as to what you have. Classmate content specific in the form of pictures and bio material that will be added to the many bios. Of course, we still have a callout for all bios. Our photographer at the reunion is also providing his in due time.

Therefore, where To Go From Here:

  1. Continue finding Classmates
  2. Keep our Remembrance updated
  3. Continue developing Classmate Pages to include bios, additions to bios and more current pictures. You are the content providers!
  4. If you are not on facebook, do it! There is a way to do it and be involved with only our Group and classmates. This site will link nicely with a facebook journey.
  5. Stay respectful with each other
  6. Let's still have fun staying connected and at the same time be respectful!


MISSING classmates. Alphabetical List Form Click Here


Borah '65 -- 2 or more classmates together!

Remembrance Board 2015

Thank You to Committee provided by John Thornton

2015 Reunion Dinner

2015 Ladies Luncheon Reunion

2015 Committee Meeting August

Reunion Committee June 2015

Girls Olive Garden Luncheon May 2015

Salt Lake City Lunch Bunch above

Reunion Committe meeting December. Phil is shooting picture. I will get their names posted, but see if you can guess first. Shoot Phil an email!

Olive Garden August 2014 Boise

1995 Class Reunion

Nancy Bearg and Patricia Beatty MacGowan Nov 2013 in Washington DC

Brown Bag Picture 2013 Above

Brown Bag Picture 2012 Above

Brown Bag Attendees 2011 Above

Brown Bag Attendees 2010 Above


Graduate Statistics:

There were 671 Graduates in tn the Graduating Class of 1965

10 of our fellow graduating graduates went to either Boise High School or or Fairmont High School from the fall of 1964 t of 1964 to the spring of 1965 due to realignment of the school boundaries.

There are at least 19 Borah 1965 Graduates that are in some kind of assisted living.



This site was started 9/24/2010

This site was renergized October 2013 and again in 2015 after the reunion.

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