Terri Susan Baxter McKendrick











I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho.  After graduating from Borah High I attended the University of Hawaii and later finished with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Boise State University.  I began working in business, which continued for several years.  I eventually moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and worked there. I switched careers in my forties and went into teaching for several years. While teaching I worked on getting my Master’s Degree in Education.   I married while living in Salt Lake and was married for 22 years.  My husband passed away from a long illness in 2005. 
Life has been good and I have been fortunate to have a close family and good friends through the years.  I recently moved to an active retirement community.  I use to ski and play tennis, but traded those activities for swimming and Bocce. I’m enjoying meeting new people and am involved in the activities within the community.    
Retirement is great.





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