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After leaving Boise, graduated HS in Bellevue, Wa. Went into the service, got lucky and was stationed in Germany attached to the German Luftwaffe. Returned back, graduated from California State Univ @ Hayward (East Bay), obtained my CPA license. Went to Alaska on the Pipeline for my "Grub Stake". Graduated from Washington State Univ. MBA, taught college and started my own practice. Last 30 years specializing in Forensic Accounting. 2012 found myself in Kabul Afghanistan doing "Intelligence" work for the Army. I'm semi retired, rotate between Scottsdale and Seattle depending upon the weather. Married, 2 step kids, 2 grand kids. Hobbies are Cooking, Jewelry Making and Prospecting, plus am an avid Civil War buff. I enjoy touring Civil and Revolutionary War battlefields.


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