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After Borah there was a B.A. in English literature on the east coast, meeting my life’s love Lynn in New York City and our marrying in 1970 in St. Paul, MN, where I floated about a bit aimlessly the year after college graduation. My one bit of distinction during that year, 1969-1970, was that I was the first known male Manpower clerical “girl."

A year later we moved to Eugene, Oregon, where I spent the next seven years or so getting a Ph.D. in medieval English literature, only to realize one morning that all my life, since third grade, the prospect of a book-report being due would make me break out into a cold sweat of dread, and here I had spent all these years training myself to write book reports for a living.

There was an abrupt shift in interests, spurred by my return to music, and my falling in love with the baroque period in particular, and the short version is that I began the long process of learning to become a serious builder of harpsichords and clavichords inspired by historical practices. In the early days there was an interesting half-time day job at the local afternoon newspaper, where I began each day at about 4:30 a.m. calling every mortuary in the circulation area for updates, and writing obituaries.

These many years later Lynn and I live in Salem, Oregon, where I continue making early keyboard instruments, and am pleased that my work has been well received by serious performers around the world. Those interested in such things may enjoy snooping about my website, www.dalyharpsichords.com.

Lynn and I live in town in Salem, right on a creek passing through town, creating a surprisingly wild corridor with various wildlife, and we have a son, Robert, who graduated in 2006 from Reed College with a degree in linguistics, and has now gotten a second degree, in Spanish language and literature.

I have some modest contact with old high school friends, including Blackie Bokich from our class, and Tim Curtis, Greg Johnson and Doug Stoddard, from the class of ’66. Sue Welke Rourke and Ginger Curtis (Virginia Lee) are Facebook friends.





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