Susan Kay Hawkins










"After  Borah, I attended BYU and graduated in 1969.  I married Gilbert Davis that summer and we lived in Utah for several years before settling in Boise in 1974.  I had many opportunities to return to Borah between 1988 and 2006 as all ten of our children are also Borah graduates.  Aside from the new gym and auditorium, Borah actually changed very little over all those years. 

 After Gilbert's death in 2007 I moved to Utah where I currently live.  I have two daughters still living in Boise, a son in Coeur d'Alene, two sons and two daughters in Los Angeles and two daughters in the East, one in Philadelphia and the other in Maryville, Tennessee.  My youngest daughter lives several miles from me in Orem.  I'm the proud grandma of 18 with #19 arriving in Philly in November.  Having children scattered from one coast to the other, I never lack a place to visit.  

Since junior high I've always had a love of genealogy and do some free lance research in addition to searching for my own ancestors.  I was honored to be able to use my research skills in tracking down some of our classmates who have passed away.

I was looking forward to our reunion until the need for a new hip got in the way.   As I look at everyone's pictures it just doesn't seem that long ago.





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