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I attended the University of Idaho the fall after graduation and finished there in 1968.  I taught secondary Spanish, French and American Lit in Boise for a while.  My husband Jerry Lange (Mountain Home, 1964) and I moved to the Denver area in 1971.  We raised our son and daughter here.
I earned a master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver, then a doctorate from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  My emphases were heavy into international education and cross-cultural studies.  Work took me abroad to Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.  Domestically, my focus groups were university-level international students, Southeast Asian refugees, and special Japanese programs.  I have loved every group with whom I have worked; this was an exciting, fun, interesting, and overall wonderful career area.
In the mid-1980s, my husband and I, along with our partner and spouse, founded an engineering/land surveying company.  We grew from 6 to 140 employees.  That, too, was a rewarding time.  I put my work on the back burner for a bit.  We sold the company just before the bottom fell out of the economy!
Our children are grown now, and we have 5 grandchildren.  Both Jerry and I are retired.  I am very active, however, in the local schools and the community.  We travel as much as we can,  and we still have a ‘bucket list’ of places to visit. 
I look forward to seeing everyone again!
Cecelia Hendry




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