Jennifer Hunt Kandler










Right after graduation I went to work as a secretary for St .Alphonsus hospital.   In 1967 I went to ISU where I met my husband Rob
He was offered a job at  Nampa State School after his graduation from ISU in 1971, so we moved back to Boise.
I finished my BBA at Boise State in 1972.  By then we had 2 children Stacey and Holly so I worked part time at home.
In 1973 I was offered a business teaching position at the old Links School of Business which then became ITT Technical Institute.  I taught for 8 years and was promoted to the position of Dean.  In 1982 our 4.5 year old son  Brian died due to surgical complications, so that took some time to establish a new normal, but I continued working.  In 1994 I got my M.Ed in Adult Education from the University of Idaho, Boise campus. This allowed me to be promoted to the Director of the college.   I retired from ITT in 2007 as the Director of the college.  I figured 34 years was long enough at any one company, plus I wanted to stay home play with our dogs, and 2 grandchildren, and do things with my husband Rob.  He had been retired for several years.
My husband and I love to travel especially via cruise lines.   We still have a huge bucket list of places we would love to visit and when I am finished taking care of my sweet little 98 year old mother we can probably do that.  
I’m looking forward to a 1965 flashback. It will be great to see how much we have all changed.






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