Sandra Kay Hutt Elinson











Went off to U of Idaho in 1965 with a pre law major. Summer of 1968 I took some English lit courses at Boise College, loved the English department, change majors and transferred to BSC.
In 1969 I was offered a job in a summer lecture series in NYC at Columbia University. I met Mitch Elinson, a Columbia College student at the first lecture. We dated that summer, wrote letters that Fall, he came to Boise to meet my family at Christmas, I proposed, he said yes, we wrote letters all spring, then married June 1970 and moved to New York City.
Forty-five years later, New York City is still our home, our daughter Blake and our son Morgan and our 6 yr. old grandtwins Keira and Mace are native New Yorkers, living now in Brooklyn and the Bronx.
Mitch taught for 35 years in NYC public High School. I got an MA in English Lit. at City College of New York in 1973, had our kids, then from 1979-2006 had a fascinating career in non-profit financial development directing six endowment and capital campaigns in NYC, and one in Boise Idaho in 1990-91 for the Silver Sage Girl Scout Council -- our kids came with us for that year and attended Borah!! 
We've come to Idaho yearly to see my Hutt brothers and sister, all Borah and BSU grads, their spouses and now 15 nieces and nephews, six grand nieces and a great grand nephew. Our parents passed in 2007 and 2009 in our childhood home above Borah, I spent every other month those year in Boise helping my siblings with their at-home-care.

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