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Bruce Aldridge Johnson
After Borah, I graduated from Whitman College in biology.  I married Pat Morris and we moved to Cincinnati where I taught high school biology across the river in Newport, Kentucky.  It was soon evident to me that this was not a career path for me.  The following year I entered the University of Washington and studied both landscape architecture and planning.  After graduating with a degree in landscape architecture I worked in a large engineering and planning firm in Seattle for a couple of years and then moved to a small design firm.  I started my own firm in Seattle in 1979.  In 1995, it was then merged it into a medium-sized Seattle architecture and engineering firm where I was director of planning and landscape architecture.  In 2008, our firm was purchased by a large multi-national engineering and architecture firm.
Although I did a variety of work throughout my career, my projects over the last decade or so have been primarily institutional planning for local and government clients.  This work took me around the country as well as to Afghanistan.   In 2012, I retired, but still do some consulting work. 
After my first marriage ended, I married my lovely wife, Sean, in 2003.  We have a blended family with her two sons and my daughter and son.  Our children are scattered from coast to coast (LA, NYC, DC, and Texas).  Together we have four grandchildren. 
Since my retirement, Sean and I built a small home on her family’s ranch in West Texas and bought a home in Santa Fe where we spend the majority of our time.  Sean is enjoying her artist career after resigning from practicing law in 2010.  After a near death experience last fall, I am now enjoying a new lease on life. I have given up long distance biking and running, but enjoy casual biking, hiking, skiing, travelling and am resurrecting a golf game after a ten year hiatus and shoulder surgeries.  I am catching up on things such as reading that I’ve missed during my working years.





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