Denise La Rae Jonas Vitagliano










After graduation I moved to Portland Oregon for a while and then down to San Francisco. At that point I realized I had the travel bug, so I decided to apply to be a stewardess and see the world . In 1968 I was accepted by American Airlines. Life has been an adventure since then. After training in Dallas I moved to New York then on to Boston where I met my husband on a flight  we have been married 35 years and we have one daughter a college professor and one granddaughter 2years old and one son-in-law.  we are blessed to have them live near by. I have had special trips with my mother my daughter my husband and my girl friends. I've climbed the great wall of China, had High Tea in London went on a dog sled ride in the Artic circle. Camel ride at the pyramids of Egypt and rode the elephants at the Taj Mahal. I got to swim in The Blue Lagoon,Gondola ride in Venice, Mass at the Vatican, shopped in Paris Rome and the Grand Bazaar in ,Istanbul.  Seen the ruins in Athens, Pompai and Ephesus. About 10 years ago we started cruising and met a couple from London that we have cruise with on every cruise since that very first one. We have done river cruises on the Nile the Thames. The Rhine the Danube the Volga the Seine cruised across the Atlantic. And all over Europe. We tried to Do about 4 a year  and now we do about 2 or 3. I finally retired after 45 years of flying.   I do miss it. We still travel whenever and wherever we can. Each trip is an adventure. However. There is no place like home.  Whether it be Lynnfield or Boise.






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