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After Borah I went to BJC then graduated from Utah State University in Landscape Architecture.  Summer 1970, having failed the physical to go to Vietnam, I went to Europe and spent a year teaching snow & water skiing for Club Med in Switzerland and Yugoslavia.  I'm still not sure how that happened.  For the next 7 years did environmental planning in Denver & Minneapolis and during that time found my real love -- owning & selling real estate.  I didn't realize I was an extrovert.  35 years later I'm still doing it, having just finished my 2nd year on the Minneapolis Board of Realtors Executive Committee as Treasurer.  I'm currently an investor in a Minneapolis Keller Williams Realty.

Current hobbies are photography, messing with a sports car and long distance hiking in our National Parks, Switzerland and Nepal.

I've been married for 20 years to a Swedish Chicago girl, Laurie Jacobi.  Laurie is an incredibly gifted graphic and textile designer.  We travel often to Sweden to see her relatives & research Scandinavian, Sami & Russian ethnic clothing/design.  Our 17 year old 6'-4" son, Anders is currently a junior in HS and hopes to go to St. Olaf College





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