Sherri S Mammen











After graduation I worked Albertsons and later married and had 2 beautiful girls. My husband and I moved several times between Boise, Spokane and Billings, but I always stayed in the Northwest. After my girls were I school I attended college and started my career in the medical field. I divorced after 12 years of marriage.
In 1976, I remarried and continued to work in the medical field. I had a son in 1979 and now my family was complete. Many years have passed and I have 13 grandchildren and 7 great- grandchildren.
I started working at Group Health Cooperative which is an HMO. They are a medical insurance company and also provide medical services. In May of 2015 I have been at Group Health for 20 years and will continue to work for several more years.
Life is good and being active is great.





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