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After graduating from Borah I attended Boise State College (University) and graduated with a BA in Business in December, 1969. While going to college I worked at Safeway Stores, Inc., Boise City Police Auxiliary, and the Ada County Sheriff's Reserve. In 1970 the following occurred: January, enlisted in the US Army Reserve; February, became a Revenue Officer for US Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service and began basic IRS training in San Francisco; May, was married; July, IRS Advanced training in Los Angeles; and September, six months Army basic and advanced training in Missouri and Indiana. In 1971, IRS transferred me to Coeur d' Alene, ID. In 1973, IRS transferred me to Idaho Falls, ID. In 1974, I was selected as the Lead Instructor in charge of Revenue Officer training for the western third of the United States at the Los Angeles IRS Training Center. In 1975, I was selected as the IRS Group Manager and Representative of the District Director for the Spokane, WA office. In 2005, I retired as the IRS Group Manager for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho in Spokane. In 2008 I was reactivated by IRS as a part-time instructor to teach basic and advanced level IRS classes at various training centers around the country, for the next three years. I am still married to my college sweetheart I married in 1970.




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