Steven L Miller











Not being the greatest high school student nor financially wealthy I floundered attempting to attend Boise Jr. College. The US Army caught up with me in 1969 and sent me to Viet Nam. I returned a better person with a Bronze Star Medal and exposure to Agent Orange.
I was finally ready for college (the GI Bill helped) and pursued my studies at the new Boise State University. Life got better marrying Karen Moe (Borah class 1962) and having two children - Eric and Jamie. I simultaneously launched two careers. One as a Tax Auditor with the Idaho State Tax Commission and the second as  a part time soldier with the Idaho National Guard. I retired from the Guard in 1992 as a Lieutenant Colonel but stayed until 2010 with the Commission when I retired as a Division Administrator and member of the Executive Management Team.
In 2002 I had prostate cancer surgery from my exposure to Agent Orange. Happily I am a 13 year cancer survivor and darn glad to be attending my 50th class reunion.
Karen and I live in Boise and stay close to our five grandchildren until of course they become teenagers and won't like us as much.




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