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In most cases, high school graduation triggers a time of contemplation and planning for one’s future.  In my case, due to the recent passing of my loved ones,  I was ejected into solo flight.  Upon contacting the late Hon. Senator Frank Church, he became instrumental in furthering my education.  Senator Church’s personal letter of encouragement and suggestion led me to contact the college of my choice, Northwest College,  where I was accepted on a Work Scholarship.  I also attended evening classes at the University of Washington.  That freshmen year changed my life forever and set me on a course of adventure in pursuing a life full of childhood dreams that came true.  Not having my family to care for anymore, I moved to Dallas, Texas, and enrolled in Berean Bible College in the Autumn of 1966.  I also took classes at Southern Methodist University.  I received special permission to carry 26 Credit Hours with a 3.5 GPA, majoring in Theology with a Minor in Music. I was elected Student Body President in my Junior year. I was chosen to represent my school on a most memorable  Jamaican Missionary Internship.  Having attended school 11 months/year, I received my THB and BA in Music in the Summer of 1968. 
     In Los Angeles after graduation, I reunited with a young lady I had met in Seattle before moving to Texas.  We became closer friends and returned to Boise to visit my remaining family members.  We then went to Seattle and sang in Christian Coffee Houses, and married in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.  Becky would become mother to my only son.  While we were in Seattle, we began our journey across the planet as Ministers of the Gospel both in Word and in Song.  We recorded a Christian album in Nashville, Tennessee with a branch of Columbia Studios called Sun Records.  My son Ronnie was born in 1969 in El Paso Texas.  I accepted an assistant pastorship and youth director in Centralia, Washington.  Upon leaving Centralia, we began touring within the Evangelistic Field. We worked vry closely with Teen Challenge—offering hope to the hopeless on the streets and barrios of our World’s largest cities.  I have been extremely privileged to travel the world extensively-- the Scandinavian Countries and the West Indies, in particular.  We were invited to start a new Church in Odessa, TX.  The work there was mightily blessed and our original small group of only 12 people, sitting around an indoor swimming pool at a lavish estate grew phenomenally into a huge corporation.  The structure itself was designed by the mutual vision of my wife and I.  We watched it blossom into a congregation of over 350.  What a challenging, yet wonderful experience.  My preaching and singing was both rewarding and fulfilling.
 Unfortunately, life can have many strange twists and turns.  After 12 years in full time ministry, my wife and I separated for 2 years and mutually agreed to divorce.  She has remarried and lives with my son in Spain.  I had no skills to fall back on, having only pursued my Theological studies and ministry.  I moved to Dallas and sold myself to Marshall Fields , and began managing their Fine Jewelry Department where  I promoted the designs of Angela Cummings, from Tiffany’s and Company.  I later began a management position in retail and wholesale in Fort Worth, Texas.  I leased a Frank Lloyd Wright apartment; the panoramic view of Fort Worth’s skyline helped heal and rejuvenate my troubled soul.  It truly assisted my transition into a different lifestyle.  I became the caterpillar changing into a a butterfly.  Later, I spent several years working in various accounting and bookkeeping positions for the State of Texas.
I was in Las Vegas on a vacation with friends, and Judy Norris contacted me through  We began communicating often and decided to reunite for a weekend on Galveston Island that proved to be absolutely magical.  Two years later, and after realizing that our feelings for one another still flamed,  on May 22, 2015, we got married in Kansas.  We now live with our puppies in Gardner, Kansas.   We are both looking forward to this Monumental Occasion—Our Class of 1965 50th Reunion.





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