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Didn’t finish college but did get in 2.5 years in Business.  In 1968 I married Chuck Boyd (class of ’65) – we didn’t know each other in school but met through a friend.  While in college, Chuck worked for the state highway department and after he graduated from Boise State University he got transferred to Idaho Falls …  I never wanted to live in eastern Idaho because of the winds and the cold winters but off we went …  we had 3 great boys and lots of good times with motorcycles and camping a lot and exploring – never got tired of Yellowstone Park.  There are two sayings there – only two seasons, winter and July and the wind always blows and don’t plant your tomatoes until the snow is off the Tetons – there is a lot of truth in those sayings. 

In Idaho Falls, I started working for the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL and now the INL).  In 1989 Chuck and I got divorced and in 1991 I got transferred to a government site called Rocky Flats in Boulder, Colorado – this was right after the FBI had shut the site down.  I had my two youngest boys with me and they loved living in the town where the Denver Broncos played football. I worked there for 5 years and then management changed a lot and my Dad was really sick so decided to go back to Boise for a few years.  After my Dad passed away I ended up back in Denver working for a nationwide home builder and for a law office. 

In 2002, I had a granddaughter born and her living situation wasn’t the best.  So soon after her birth my son and I were in/out of court for many years trying to gain stability for her.  When the law office disbanded where I was working I thought I could enjoy the rest of my years in beautiful Oregon – had been there two times on vacation and loved it.  So found a funky little apartment and settled in a funky little town called Lebanon – heaven on earth.  Through some bad choices on the mother’s part, my granddaughter, Kaytie, and her Dad came to live with me and we had a blast for two years.  Then the mother appeared and took her back so I packed my car and went to follow them back to southern Colorado … hoping to keep some stability in my granddaughter’s life.  So through the years I had to pack two more times what I could in my car and follow her – lots more court.  Finally, about three years ago, right out of the clear blue, here she comes and I got custody.  She is now 12yrs old and doing really well.

But about 4.5 years ago, because of life’s situation in southern Colorado, I felt it best to move and my friend came and helped me pack and I moved to Utah.  Right now, home is in Spanish Fork, Utah – in beautiful country with lots of horses and cattle around and the mountains right out the back door.  Absolutely love it here !!  There is a lot of old west  and Indian history around here so lots of places to explore.

But I finally did get some schooling and just graduated from Mountainland Applied Technology College in Medical Office Administration.  Now I am going to focus on studying Equine Massage – something I have always wanted to do.  Life is good …  see you all in September !





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