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After graduation, I attended Boise Jr. College for one year and then transferred to Oregon College of Education, which is now Western Oregon State University, in Monmouth, OR. I met and married my wonderful wife Nancy. We’ve been married for 47 years. I graduated in music education and ended up teaching music for over 30 years.
We’ve lived in Oregon most of that time with a brief stint in Hawaii.
During those 30 years I dabbled in theater, acting, directing and being a music director. I also spent many of those years directing church choirs.
My wife and I have two amazing daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law and 7 super grandchildren.
This past year, my mother passed away at the young age of 102. After that, Nancy and I made the decision to live closer to our children and grandchildren. After living in Oregon since 1966, Nancy even longer, we took the plunge and moved to Castle Rock, Colorado in late August. It was very hard to leave our friends.
We are becoming acclimated to living at 6500’ in beautiful Colorado. It’s wonderful living close to our daughters and their families!




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