Judith B Stephens













After graduation, I headed for Idaho State.  Didn’t last long there and had to return home to get a job.  That was the start of my career with the Federal Government.  I tried marriage a few times but that didn’t work for me.  Although, it did give me one exceptional daughter, now living in Issaquah WA.  I have lived in many locations from Coeur d’Alene ID to Alexandria LA to Tucson AZ.  But spent most of my time in the Washington DC area—living in various locations in MD and VA.  I moved to Las Vegas NV in 2001 and retired in late 2002 after 30 yrs with the Social Security Administration.  I have worked in every component of SSA from various district offices to their Office of Inspector General.  I currently do part time contracting with the Hearing Office in Las Vegas.  After retirement I spent lots of time hiking through the mountains and deserts around Vegas.  I get to Boise frequently as most of my family is still there.  Although I did talk one of my sisters into moving to Las Vegas when she and her husband retired.  After being separated for most of our adult lives, it’s been fun getting to know each other again.





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