Larry Lorin Taylor











New Mexico State University - Las Cruces, NM (1965-1970) - BS chemical engineering
Two 6-month work phases as a co-op student at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (1967 & 1968)

Idaho National Laboratory (1970-2010) (now retired)

  • Process engineering / radioactive waste calcination in a fluidized bed
  • Project engineer (instrument and controls) on a replacement waste calciner facility.
  • Project engineer on a fuel reprocessing facility
  • Systems engineer - formulating DOE spent fuel disposal concepts applicable to Yucca Mtn (specializing in nuclear criticality issues)

Idaho National Guard - 116th Combat Engineers (1970-1977) (now retired)
Grand Targhee volunteer ski patrol (1974-2002) (now retired)

  • National Avalanche instructor
  • Outdoor Emergency Care instructor

National Rifle Association (currently active in the training realm)





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