Trudy Margo Wentworth








Five years ago my dear sweet husband passed away.  One year after that my brother Greg passed away. 

 My life hasn't been the same since.   I sang with a group of wonderful ladies and we  were the Upbeats, we were 8 strong.  Then the men known as the Downbeats 5 men, would join us.  Then we were the UPS and DOWNS.   We sang for Retirement Homes, private parties and charities.   So fun.
One of the men from the Downbeats introduced me to his childhood friend and Eddie and I have been an item for 3 years now.  He is from Pelican Minneapolis, MN.   We live on Pelican Lake, in Pelican Rapids, MN.  I love the lake life.  We travel back and forth to Phoenix, Boise and MN.

Eddie and I love to play golf, fish, pontoon rides are my favorite.  We love to garden and outdoor photography.  Check out his website for some beautiful photos.


My mom and dad are still alive and well for their years.  Dad is 94 and mom is 91.  Incredible.  Still have all of their faculties!
Looks like I will be here for a very long time.  They live at the Morning Star Retirement Community.

Life is good and I am blessed by family and great friends.  Can't ask for more than that.


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