Janet Maxine Wolfenbarger Radford












After I graduated I worked at the Red Steer on Broadway.  Betty Cullum also worked there, her sister was the manager.  While working there I figured out that I needed a little more office training than typing and shorthand to get a really good office job.  I continued to work at the Red Steer at night and went to secretarial school during the day.  I graduated from there and was able to land a job at Mutual of Omaha at the Overland office.  I worked there until I got married in 1968.  I met my husband, Gaylan, through Betty Cullumm,  he was the younger brother of her then boyfriend.  Gaylan had just got out of the Navy and was going to college at Boise College.  We got married in April of 1968.  He got a job at the post office and was there until he retired in 2009.  We have one daughter, Michelle.  I was very lucky because I got to be a stay at home mom with her.  She moved back home with us when she got her divorce.  She works at Idaho State Transportation and has for many years.  Since 2003 we started taking care of my parents.  My mom passed away in 2005 due to complications of Alzheimers.   My one brother was living with my dad and helping take care of him when he very suddenly passed away in his sleep in 2009.  We then moved my dad into our home and took care of him here until it was apparent that he needed more care than what we could do.  He passed away in 2011 at the age of 90.  Since then we have been trying to get things done that we seem to have neglected.  Our biggest hobby has become our pond.  Nothing better than sitting on our patio and listening to the waterfall. 





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